Invacare Light Weight Wheelchair 9000 SL

The Light Weight Wheelchair is perfect for those who want quality and durability at a moderate price.

Invacare Heavy Duty Wheelchair 9000 XDT

The Heavy Duty Wheelchair is designed for individuals who demand an extra-wide or heavy-duty seating solution.

Invacare Aluminum Transport Chair

The Transport Wheelchair comes with 8” wheels, permanent full padded arms, hand brakes, a fold-down back and swing away footrest.

Invacare Recliner Wheelchair

The Tracer SX5 Recliner offers the durability of a lightweight manual wheelchair frame wit h the added versatility and comfort of a full reclining back.

Drive Poly-Fly Wheelchair

The Drive Pollywog Transport Wheelchair is a ground-breaking mobility aid that acts as both a full-size wheelchair and transport chair all-in-one.

Invacare Heavy-Duty Transport Chair

The Heavy-Duty Transport Chair is designed for individuals requiring a transport chair that can support a weight up to 400 lbs.

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